64% Of Agricultural Land In The World Is Contaminated With Pesticides And Destroys Millions Of Acres Of Forest Every Year.


agriculture contaminated

The intensive agricultural practices of our day are slowly killing us and our world.

I am amazed that a diet based on plant products is still being recommended to the population.


Why am I saying this?


64% of global agricultural land is contaminated with pesticides!


An interesting article published just this year in the scientific journal “Nature Geoscience” reported this very alarming data.


This means that the concentrations of these toxic substances exceed the levels recommended by the American Institute of Geophysics (USGS).


And, unfortunately, the matter does not end here.


Globally, 31% of agricultural land is at high risk. This means that 1000 times higher values of these pesticides have been detected compared to the norm!


As the article itself points out, not only do these active ingredients appear in the fruit and vegetables that end up on our tables, but also in the aquifers. Not to mention the farm animals that eat products that are grown in these soils poisoned by these harmful substances.


Furthermore, these intensive cultivation practices destroy millions of acres of forests every year to increase the number of arable land and, therefore, the profits deriving from agricultural production. Think, for example, of the ever-increasing market demand for soy which leads to the destruction of millions of acres of forest every year.


With the consequent progressive destruction of biodiversity, forests disappear and animals die as a result. Instead, those that we raise, we poison and then eat.


So, in practice we are doomed: through the plant products we consume, these toxic substances circulate in our blood. In addition, the water we drink will soon be contaminated. As well as the meat of the animals we eat, will soon all be toxic.


Who are the architects of this havoc? Who do we have to “thank” for all this?


Big companies, of course, and I am referring, in particular, to multinationals. Soon, our bodies will become waste deposits for the toxic waste of intensive agriculture.


We speak too often of the importance of a plant-based diet. But, then, everything else is neglected: these foods are treated with substances that are poisonous to our body and to produce these foods, we must destroy our planet.




Despite this, in the media, we are used to hearing that, in order to live longer, we must follow a diet that is almost exclusively based on fruits and vegetables.


As if these pesticides weren’t used in agriculture. We are used to seeing only the positive aspects of a vegetarian diet because they never talk to us about how these products are treated. In short, everything is silent.


Some scientists, often paid by companies, are paid the best of money for a few minutes of broadcast on TV. Every day, they spread this positive message of vegetarian diets to people, so that the population can trust these influential characters.


Every day, we are bombarded by these, as you will know to be, the real fake news.


It is no coincidence, then, that you see the large multinational companies that finance this sort of propaganda bombarding TV and social media with their advertisements. And all this to power their business exclusively. They don’t care what you’re actually ingesting.


To have a hold over people’s minds, it is no coincidence that they refer to the concept of lengthening life, which is the most precious thing we have since we are born.


If you think about it for a moment, their thesis is absolutely nonsense. How do you say this shit extends life if it’s packed with toxins?


In this case, in fact, the negative aspects of the product overwhelm the positive ones. So, please, let’s stop thinking about this nonsense.




If you go to the supermarket to buy salad from a large company, realize that, in reality, you are not only eating salad, but also herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.


Did you note the terms of these substances that I just listed for you? They all refer to the killing of a particular living organism: plants, fungi, insects.


Talk about extending your life, man! You are ingesting substances that, by definition, kill life!


Unfortunately, supermarkets must also encourage the purchase of the products of their best customers. Those, once again, are the large companies that practice intensive cultivation techniques…


Unfortunately, organic plant products are seen much less in regular supermarkets, which, among other things, are also sold at very high prices – another aspect that discourages people from buying.


Instead, it is the products of the companies that regularly use these life-killing substances that are obviously the mass-consumption product with super affordable prices.


Not to mention the attractive packaging that just tries to fool consumers. In fact, they try to convey the message that their products are very genuine and that, if you buy them, you have the opportunity to follow a correct diet and live longer.


And this is allowed by large food distribution chains. It is obvious that this is the case, even supermarkets do their business.


Why should they increase the supply of organic products when they sell much less than others?


In short, they look after their pockets, their business and much less at the quality of the products that they supply to customers, and the environmental impact that this entails.


But now, let’s try to reach a conclusion. Is the blame only on all the media and supermarket entrepreneurs if these large farms and their intensive farming techniques are taking over?



agricultural contaminated

Unfortunately, the State is also doing its business. Exactly the ones who should have the good of their citizens and our planet as their first objective.


At what price are we, therefore, paying for the interests of large farms with their pesticide-based techniques?


We are paying their interest by letting our environment, our biodiversity and our wellbeing be destroyed.


We are having the world we will leave to our children poisoned. We are filling it with life-killing substances that will slowly annihilate life on our beloved planet. In addition to the fact that, to make room for crops, we have to raze entire ecosystems to the ground.


As can be read in a famous article in the US scientific journal, “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)”, intensive agricultural techniques destroy millions of acres of land in Amazonia every year.


It caused quite a stir when, in the years 2001-2004, there was an increase in deforestation of more than 3.6 million acres, emphasizing how intensive agriculture has now become a very important cause of deforestation.


So cultivated land, moreover, poisoned by pesticides, is now replacing forests and savannas. Biodiversity is starting to disappear; animals are dying from deforestation and intoxication.


We are, therefore, allowing these companies to slowly kill our planet. For the sole purpose of enriching their pockets. And the State’s.


What the State should do, if its citizens are truly the priority, is to encourage organic farming and to allow even the poorest people to be able to buy these types of products.


It is useless to have a minimum availability of these products in supermarkets and, moreover, at astronomical prices. The products that we should all use for our well-being are actually niche products.


Ordinary people are left with these plant-based products passed off as beneficial foods but are actually packed with toxic substances.


The packages, on the other hand, should list the toxic substances being used for that type of agriculture and the negative consequences of taking these active ingredients every day. A bit like what happens with cigarette packs.


And they should show pictures of the environmental disasters these crops are causing.


Only this way can we begin to counter the destruction and poisoning of our planet.


And, only this way will the US be able to show us whether it cares more about its citizens or their money.


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