Creative Writing Sucks And Doesn't Work. If You Want People To Your Work, Don’t Do It.


creative writing

Do you usually write and, in order to improve, have been told that you should master creative writing?


But is it really as effective as they try to convince?


I hear about it very often, as if it were the solution of the decade, as is the case with all trends.


But, like all fashions, it has an expiration date. As soon as it becomes clear that all the benefits of this style of writing are ‘pumped’ by public opinion, it will be put aside and forgotten.


So, if you listen to those who recommended this to you, you will waste time and energy for nothing; their advice is as useless as trying to dig a hole in water.


There is only one way to be successful with writing and be admired for what you do: you need to know the most sensitive part of people’s minds and entertain them by hypnotizing their attention.


And, if you want to get the most out of it, your purpose must be to create a feeling of love within them for you through your words.


“You can influence a reader’s decision-making process through the emotions your words evoke, creating certain feelings.”


If you can achieve this objective, you will be able to be successful in writing and improve in ways that you can’t even imagine!


And there is only one secret to doing it, which is definitely not creative writing.





Creative writing is ineffective because it lacks an objective method.


If it were enough to bring out your “inner self” to be a successful writer then we would all be successful writers, and probably make a good living out of it.


As with all things, you need a method to reach good levels.


I don’t think you would have your house built by builders who go by their ‘feelings’ without following realistic and validated instructions.


There is only one way to be a successful writer: to follow the objective methods recognized by science.


You have to put your subjectivity aside in favor of the scientific method if you want someone to read your work.


So, what are the key points you need to start from to dramatically improve your results?


· To understand how the human brain works in order to convince people to do what you want.


· To know the tricks from neuroscience you can use to seduce people’s minds.


· To figure out the strategies from the best writers.


Soon, you will realise that the key to everything is emotions.


As Herbert Simon, Nobel laureate and American scientist argues:


“You continue to believe that you can make decisions without the influence of emotions.”


People’s decision to read something is not driven by rationality but by the emotional experiences that the writing evokes in their mind.


Only when it’s over will they be able to give some rational justification for their behavior. At the moment, however, they let themselves be guided by their emotional sphere.


The emotional subconscious is the protagonist of our decisions, in this case, and not the reason.




creative writing

The method that allows you to break into the emotional sphere of people through writing is storytelling. And it has been proven scientifically!


This does not mean telling a simple story, there are very precise instructions to follow that I will explain to you in the course of this article.


As we read in an article published in the “Journal of Neuroscience”, storytelling refers to a dialogue designed by the writer to connect a series of events between them. Not done randomly but, instead, following very specific techniques, scientifically calculated, to entertain the public.


This thing was first understood by the storytelling magicians.


The magician, Michael Weber, has always stated that the secret of success in magic shows lies in storytelling.


“Whoever tells the best story wins.”


In fact, it has been verified that the most successful magic shows are those that are best able to incorporate a story within them.


“Stories are able to awaken people’s emotional sphere”.


So, storytelling is not only important in writing but, as mentioned in the same article in the “Journal of Neuroscience”, it is also important in many other areas, such as politics, criminal justice, school and even science!


For example, it has been proven that history lessons made using these specific storytelling techniques were able to:


· Involve students significantly more.


· Considerably improve student performance.


· Increase interest for the subject and for the professor in question.


Just what you need right now, to arouse strong emotions that lead the reader to be fascinated by your way of writing.


Thanks to storytelling, writers manage to evoke scenes as realistic as if you were sat front row at the theater or cinema.


We experience, through our imagination, all the emotions of the events narrated and the feelings of the characters, identifying ourselves with them.


As we said before, however, simply writing a story or having words thrown out randomly without methodology is useless.


In order to penetrate people’s emotional sphere, you need the correct storytelling technique and a very precise narrative structure.


Our minds have been trained to have an emotional response to a very particular storytelling technique.


And this is very well-known by the politicians who want to rule us and the big companies who want us to buy their products. So much so that they cleverly exploit it to condition our choices.




creative writing

In order to make the most out of learning the storytelling technique, we must learn from the best: large corporations. They make the most out of this technique and, so, manage to conquer larger audiences.


Speaking of large corporations, let’s take the example of film companies that make a mountain of money thanks to the films that we go to the cinema to watch.


Have you ever noticed that the narrative structure is almost always the same? It is not the destiny of producers to be millionaires – there must be a reason. 


There is further proof that people’s minds are now vulnerable to a single mechanism that is triggered through a very precise narrative structure.


In every film there is always:


· An introductory phase: where the background within which the story will develop is presented (environment, historical period, the protagonist…). Usually, the initial situation is a status quo; an often-neutral starting situation, accepted by the protagonist.


· The triggering event: a significant fact happens that pushes the protagonist to perform which sets the whole film in motion. The protagonist still does not know but his life is about to change completely.


Therefore, a real inner conflict arises within the protagonist who trying to understand how to behave in order to resolve the situation that has arisen. This pushes the story in a new and unexpected direction. 


· The first turning point: the moment that the protagonist engages in the challenge. It is the moment in which events between ups and downs take place.


· The middle point: the fight against the antagonist where the latter seems to have the upper hand. It is the moment when things get complicated for the protagonist and the situation gets really bad for him.


· The second turning point: the worst moment in the story where defeat seems inevitable for the protagonist who seems to have no choice but to give up. The viewer’s tension at this point is brought to the highest levels.


· The solution: with his last energy, the protagonist manages to find the turning point. With a twist, the problem is solved and the protagonist wins his battle.


This is the narrative structure that is present in all the most successful films, as well as the structure present in other modes of storytelling. Writing included.


In fact, when a famous person (whether a politician or an influencer) wants to win the greatest possible consensus from the public with their words, they use this type of storytelling.


You will find it, from a speech a politician used to win an election, all the way to a video from an influencer who wants to tell their ideas shared.


And it is the same mechanism that you should start exploiting, too, if you are a writer and want to put more thought into what you write.


There is nothing else to be done, our minds have been conditioned for years to be vulnerable to this type of storytelling and if you want to be successful in what you do and be admired by those who read you, you should take advantage of this secret too.


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