Eating meat will save the world: here's why eating more meat will reduce pollution.


For starters, I’m not a fan of the saying “I’ll save the world if I don’t eat meat.”

I have two reasons. First, whoever says that has not remotely studied how the economy works. Additionally, they are unable to do the math.

In the above picture, I’m standing in a restaurant where a delicious steak is being prepared right before me.

Data at hand.

Cattle ranching is often the most efficient way to produce food for humans. About 85% of U.S. grasslands are not suitable for raising crops that humans can eat.

As much as 98% of original American grasslands, along with native plants and animals, are gone. Most of that land is now covered by corn and wheat fields.

Natural prairie grasslands can coexist with sustainable herds of cattle or bison; however, they cannot coexist with monoculture agriculture 94% of U.S. soybeans (a vegetarian staple protein), and 92% of corn were genetically modified (GMO), which are all immune to herbicides.

This immunity allows soybean farmers to flood their fields with large amounts of herbicide weed killers that are toxic to other plants and fish. Some scientists worry that increased herbicide use could create “super weeds.”

Processed vegetarian protein options like tofu may cause more greenhouse gas pollution than raising livestock.
The gist is really simple. I know they feel less guilty because they don’t want to eat a cow. But a tree is also a living thing. 

So, do we have to kill trees to make room for their corn? That sounds like bullshit to me.
It all comes down to decision-making. Plus, remember, don’t we also need trees to survive?
I don’t hate cows. I love all living things.

There’s a group of people who don’t want to eat meat. They’re so obsessed that if you were to ask them how to get to San Francisco they’ll probably tell you to “walk” because cars pollute the environment.
Others will tell you… “Hey get an electric car!”

Some people who don’t want to eat meat are so obsessed. So much so that…if you were to ask them what to eat. They’ll tell you “don’t eat meat”.

Others will tell you… “Hey, buy ‘cultured’ meat.”

But until that new product is ready, it’s better to keep eating meat. Yes, a few cattle will lose their skins.
But on the plus side, the children and families who live near your stupid corn farms and crappy tofu crops will have fewer pesticides and be safe…

Until then, quit fussing…look for high quality food. As an Italian, it’s all very hard to watch.

It’s deeply troubling seeing the amount of plastic they throw at us in supermarkets here in America. 

But we have to try. I say this not only as an Italian, but I’ve made my fortune creating a company here in America that deals with Italian food. 

So, I know exactly what I’m talking about and what the food-related issues are.

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