Eating too many fruits and vegetables is bad for you. yes, your mom lied to you all those years.


First of all, because of intensive farming, fruits and vegetables are full of pesticides and preservatives. Things that are generally bad for you.

Most often, the taste sucks and is not actually natural.

Besides, when you binge on fruits and vegetables because you feel like you’re the guardians and protectors of the environment, you’re simply destroying the world one bite at a time. I think the world will probably end because some people eat too many vegetables.

Animal pastures occupy less space than the corn and wheat crops that some of you like to eat so much to feel cool and revolutionary. And green.

Should we have to kill the Amazon rainforest to make way for your stupid corn crops that only make you feel less guilty because you don’t want to kill a cow? I love animals. But then, a tree is a living thing too.

So, you just have to choose. And remember, we also need trees to live.

Fruits or vegetables don’t make you lose weight. A University of Alabama study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition explains this clearly.

Additionally, I know vegetarians feel like such superheroes. They either feel better or less guilty when they go to the sleek sandwich shop down the street and order a plate of salad.

However, to lose weight you have to get off your ass and move.

I am Italian. I made my fortune selling food here in America. More precisely, coffee. So, I know quite a bit about that. Mainly because of where I come from, food culture is one of the most important and healthiest things there is.

Fruit contains molecules called anti-nutritional molecules, as found in vegetables, especially in raw ones. The former can reduce the bioavailability of iron and calcium in our bodies if present in large quantities.

Plus, I know you’ve always been told to eat a piece of fruit as soon as you finish a meal or you can’t go out and play. However, eating fruits after meals can create discomfort and problems for so many people. How?

a. Because fructose is less digestible than glucose.

b. While our stomach is trying to digest protein or carbohydrates, we force fiber into it, which requires completely different enzymes for digestion. After, everything gets upset.

Solution: Don’t believe everything. While you can eat fruit, you shouldn’t exceed 30g of fructose per meal. 

Also, you shouldn’t exaggerate your fiber intake either. Instead, eat a balanced and healthier diet. Don’t destroy the world by turning into a vegetarian, or worse, a vegan. 

Strive for high quality. Stop believing in fairy tales. Yes, eat fruits and vegetables, but in moderation.

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