What are people saying about CoFylo?

You can contact our customer service by using the contact form on www.cofylo.com, via info@cofylo.com.

CoFylo is made like any other coffee, so you don’t have to change your habits. The difference lies in the ingredients, which are natural and healthy, aswell as taste is unique.

Yes, absolutely. There is pure coffee. In the supermarket you can often find low-quality coffee that has been treated with chemical ingredients. CoFylo has instead only natural ingredients.

Whenever you want, because it is healthy and has natural ingredients. Remember that we do not recommend drinking too much coffee, just because of caffeine content, although it is very low in CoFylo. Doctors advise not to exceed the daily dose.

In the USA it is completely free ofcharge. Outside the United States it costs 8 euros.

No, when you buy a product you do not start a subscription. Otherwise it will be communicated very clearly and visibly.

Nowhere. CoFylo is a German brand conceived by an Italian. Our distribution channel is E-commerce. NeroFirenze is unique, we produce and sell.

Absolutely not. Our coffee has natural ingredients and, unlike others, is not chemically processed.

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