Mom And Dad Were Wrong: Higher Education Is An Industry That Results In Millions Of Poor People Every Year.


higher education

Do you want to know why I am making that assertion? Today, I’m going to explain to you why attending university will only make you poor, frustrated, unaccomplished and miserable. 


So, if you are a young guy, I’ll tell you very sincerely: forget about academic studies and get a job. 


Start building your career based on what you like to do now. 

I’m saying this for your sake. I’m an Italian entrepreneur who is almost a millionaire and I know what I’m talking about. 


Conversely, if you are a parent and you have a child who’ll soon have to decide between working and attending university, please don’t do anything stupid… send them off to work immediately! 


Obviously, they should chose the job they want, but you must make them understand how useless going to university is nowadays. 


So, now I want to explain to you why my assertion is correct. 

Nowadays, going to university doesn’t lead to a future of economic well- being but, rather, one of poverty and frequent frustration. 


Unfortunately, universities have now become the focal point of ultimate illusion and disappointment for the younger generation. 


Here, their dreams and plans for the future will inevitably be shattered. 

It should be the parent’s responsibility to not instill fictitious fantisies in their kids’ minds from childhood. 


In fact, these false beliefs implanted in kids’ minds are why universities are overflowing with young people annually. 


As Ken S. Coates argues in his book, “Dream Factories, Why Universities Won’t Solve the Youth Jobs Crisis,” universities continue to churn out a disproportionate amount of graduates that are not in demand by the working world. 


They pump them out every day, like pastries.

In addition to this so-called numerical problem, there is another issue. One that is perhaps even more significant. 

Let’s be clear! It’s not that there are no jobs in the United States.


 The problem is that, in addition to there being so many graduates, today’s young graduates have a head full of knowledge but lack job skills. 


In many cases, graduate don’t have the slightest idea of what work truly means.


 So, their professional profiles are much less attractive to employers who prefer young people with heads free from a myriad of useless knowledge but who are, instead, brighter and more capable of working effectively. 


Just be aware: if you have graduated and the professors have filled your head with a wealth of information, culture, and knowledge, ‘m sorry, but they are utterly useless in business. 


I say this as an entrepreneur. When I have to hire new employees, I almost always discard the graduates’ resumes because, by now, I expect to find the typical cultured person who has no idea how to work. 


Culture is useless in our society. I shrug it off. Today, all that matters is being efficient and productive. This is interesting for an employer. It doesn’t matter how educated, talented or intelligent you are. 


I’m sorry, but, if your parents have always told you since you were little that you should go to university when you grow up to get a great job and live a happy life, they were dead wrong. 


I suggest you listen to me. Unless you want to study for years for a university degree and end up working at some fast-food joint serving sodas and fries to kids who just turned 18 and are already much wealthier than you. 


They didn’t achieve this by studying stupid, useless books full of words. On the contrary, they put themselves on the line and listened to what today’s society requires: efficiency, productivity and rationality.


Do you want to study literature and poetry from professors? Fine, but just know that in a few years, I expect you to serve me my burger and fries properly, and don’t you dare forget the ketchup! 


Listen to me because, after all, I am an Italian entrepreneur, almost a millionaire and I know how the world works. 


As if everything I just told you wasn’t enough, the “What to become” website claims that about 53% of university graduates are unemployed or underemployed. This is a truly tragic figure! 


It means that once they get out of university, one in two people have flushed years of their lives down the toilet by studying and spending money for nothing. 


The Wall Street Journal states that about 43% of university graduates are underemployed in their first job. 


In short, it means you end up serving sandwiches and fries despite your university degree. See? It’s not just me saying this but the Wall Street Journal as well. Am I explaining myself, my dude?!


Now, think this through with me. What do you really want out of life? Do some soul searching. 


I am confident that you have thought about being happy or otherwise something related to happiness. 


Exactly, dude! This is actually the true goal of every human being. 

We only live once. And, Christ, we don’t want to waste the most precious gift we have.

higher education

So, why would you decide to waste your time together with hundreds of books, flipping through tons of pages and frying your brain in your room, alone? 


You stand there while your life clock is ticking, cramming things into your head that you don’t really care about. 


Whereas your peers who decided to build their careers right from the get-go are now self-employed and happy with their lives. 


Your friends are driving around the city in their new cars, just enjoying life, in the clubs with their buddies and some beautiful girls while you’re slaving away over books during the weekend. 

You and I both know it, dude: young, beautiful girls go after guys who have careers, guys who feel accomplished and guys who have money. These are the alpha male characteristics that women like. 


No one would even consider a poor schmuck who spends the best years of his life in his little room studying absolutely useless things that won’t lead him to anywhere in life. 


You won’t even develop your alpha-male qualities this way. Instead, you sit in your bedroom studying some poem written by a guy who died 300 years ago. 


There is no use for culture in everyday life. 


Yet, I had to study so many philosophers’ rubbish for no reason at school. They didn’t have a damn thing to do in their lives and they would ponder God knows what theories to try to explain the world in futility. 


Also, literature and novels, with all those fictional stories. I always wondered what the hell they were for. Oh, and to think some people buy that stuff to numb their brains in their spare time. 


Nobody will ever ask you about theorems. Just look around. Have you ever seen successful people in a Ferrari talking about theorems? 


Do you really want to waste your life studying all this useless stuff? Does this seem like the road that will lead you to happiness?

It’s not just me telling you that this rubbish leads to unhappiness… 

A study by Renee E. and collaborators found that, at the University of California, over the past 25 years, there has been a growing trend of students becoming increasingly unhappy because they gradually realize that once they finish university, they won’t find employment. 


Thus, there have been reported increases in disorders related to anxiety and depression. 


However, it’s not your fault if you decided to go to university or if you otherwise thoughtfully considered attending. 


After all, why did you consider it? Well, because someone has been telling you since you were little that going to university would allow you to find a secure job and become a happy, financially independent person. 


You’ve had this singular belief instilled in you since you were little, so you have a hard time questioning it. 


In conclusion, today, I have shown you that the reality is radically different from what you believe by presenting you with statistics from the Wall Street Journal that make you understand how attending university will not bring you a secure job but, rather, poverty. 


The concept of universities as centers of training and an investment for a secure job is now an outdated reality. 


So, mom and dad were wrong. Today, higher education is just an industry that produces millions of poor people every year. 


Also, I informed you that the trend over the past 25 years is that American university students are increasingly unhappy, anxious and depressed. 


Life is such a precious commodity, dude. You shouldn’t waste it on false illusions, so avoid wasting the most precious gift you have. 

What is your passion? Well, create your own business. Start doing what you love right now. 


Then, speed off in your new car alongside a beautiful babe, enjoy life, get served fast food by some fresh graduate and get laid regularly while you can.


Be an alpha male and live the best years of your life to the fullest. 

Listen to me, I am an Italian entrepreneur who is almost a millionaire, and I know what it really means to live. 


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