These coffee drinks are the most delicious thing you will drink today: 3 recipes


Raise your hand if you love coffee as much as we do. It acts as a stimulant and makes us feel energized and recharged.

In winter, we drink it hot like an Americano, milk coffee, or cappuccino.

Alternatively, in summer, we prefer it cold. However, not all coffees are the same, even though they might seem so at first glance. 

Some are not natural. They are harmful and treated with chemicals.

Others are simply not good.

Most coffees you find in the supermarket are just like that. You can recognize them because they are cheap. So if you want good recipes, you must get a natural, untreated coffee with a great taste. 

At the end of this article, I will recommend something to you that you have never tried before.

Recipe for a coffee drink: coffee with ginger extract and grapefruit water.

I must admit that this recipe isn’t just for the summer. You can make it whenever you want. However, that is only if you like cold drinks.

You know, drinking water is essential, but drinking coffee and its variants can replace tasteless water sometimes.

How about adding a little ginger to the mix? It is famous for its healthy properties and taste.

Ingredients for 4 glasses:

10 g coffee powder

800 ml water – 1 grapefruit slice –3 ginger slices


Pour coffee into the French press(or press pot), add 800 ml water and mix well.

Add grapefruit and ginger. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

The next morning, press the plunger of the French Press and pour coffeeinto glasses.
Always use high-quality coffee. Otherwise your recipes will not taste good.
We recommend CoFylo.
The only coffee from Italy to the United States this is made by the Florentine method, which gives it a special flavor: with a fruity taste and a scent of milk chocolate.
It is healthier because it is not chemically treated like other coffees.In fact, it is made as it used to be.
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Mint coffee

This historical recipe is linked to Francesco Pedrocchi. However, most importantly,  is associated with his son Antonio who in 1826 designed a roasting plant and a distribution system bringing the intellectuals of the time together.

This story takes place between Florence and Padua. 
You put cream over an espresso base
Then milk and a sprinkling of cocoa.
The unique feature (which is related to an intellectual whim) is the use of mint syrup to create colors reminiscent of Caffè Pedrocchi, though. Use a mixer to combine syrup, milk and cream and emulsify them to create the cream After, you add the cream to the coffee.

Eggnog coffee

The recipe for traditional Italian zabaglione, to make you try something you have never tried. 

The recipe is rumored to have originated in 1471 by Paolo Baglioni between Turin and Florence.

The ingredients of zabaglione for 4 people

4 egg yolks,8 tablespoons sugar, 4 tablespoons coffee



Coffee Florentine's Style

Cofylo is the first coffee made with the Italian Florentine method. This makes any coffee taste better. It's made the old-fashioned way. Additionally, this makes it perfect for people who like to drink a lot more coffee than average.

How is Nico ?

Alias Nick Nite is the founder of Cofylo and is an Italian entrepreneur who is almost a millionaire. He was born in Santa Margherita Ligure in the region of Genoa. He has always been passionate about Tech.

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