Do You Want To Save The World From Pollution? - Eat A Steak!


I know that may sound outrageous. Nevertheless, the truth is, as an Italian entrepreneur, soon to be a millionaire. I founded a few companies in Italy. And my company is the best coffee company that uses the Florentine method in the United States.
It is because I know how the economy works and how products are developed.
I’ll give you an example before I get to the meat issue.
I understand that there are many memes that make us think that electric cars pollute more.
Now this may be true. Producing batteries and making electricity pollutes a lot. This is stated in a study by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute in Stockholm. An electric car generates 150 to 200 kg of CO2 for every kWh of power.
However, what people often don’t understand is how the economy and the product works. The electric car pollutes today, but who cares?
1. If it pollutes today it certainly won’t pollute tomorrow. It is the law of production. The more you produce something, the lower the costs and the more money you can spend on research and development.
So, it becomes easy to optimize and make everything Green. Yes, it is polluting today. Yet, it won’t tomorrow. Engine-powered cars pollute today and will do so in the future. Period. Furthermore, whoever doesn’t understand this should read their economics book again.
2. The electric car is a symbol. So is the luxury car. That’s what you don’t understand.
If there are electric cars on the streets, and the people who are driving them look “cool,” then getting an electric car looks cool. This will usher the whole world to raise awareness of the electricity vs gasoline issue.
I know what I’m about to say sounds wrong but trust me, the human mind doesn’t work the way you think it does. People don’t care about the sight of forests burning. 
Or that some polar bears are in crisis because they don’t know where to walk since the ice around them is disappearing. These are the type of images that appear in some commercials. 
However, many will quickly change the channel to go and watch som hot girl twerk on YouTube. You’ve already forgotten about it.
Contrastingly, if you see your neighbor driving around in a new electric car, which seems to be the hot trend, and he picks up a lot of hot chicks with it, then chances are you’ll want one too and magically want to save the world. How weird is that?
It’s funny how everyone is willing to save the world when they can brag to their friends about being in a car that drives itself.
You weren’t so “green” when earlier cars were similar to the Flintstone car with 20 miles of range.
Now that I’ve made you understand a piece of the human mind.
Let`s get back to food:
When it comes to meat, it’s the same thing.
There are a lot of ad campaigns and companies that use the green/organic concept to upsell certain products. Moreover, there are a lot of people who feel cool about not eating meat. 
They’ll say, “Let’s save the world.” Plus, meat production indeed pollutes almost more than anything else on earth. According to some studies, it accounts for 18% of all the world’s pollution. (Source: cleanair website)
I don’t want to spend a thousand words trying to explain why, so I’ll keep it short: you have to cut down trees to graze cows. Cows fart.
Then you hear the newspapers saying: we have to reduce the consumption of meat!!!11!1!! However, believe me, it is an asinine idea. Previously, I explained that to you above.
First of all, it will never happen, not in a million years, that the entire world’s population will stop eating meat. Or that humanity’s consumption will reduce. New people are born into the world every day and a lot of people eat meat.
And the more you keep shouting. “Meat pollutes, don’t eat it,” the more you make people hungry: “Oh right, I forgot to buy two burgers today.” 
It’s hard enough for you to see every teenager in the world that when you tell them “don’t do this”. Is that going to be the first thing you do? Do you actually think adults are so different?
You know, our instincts always matter more than anything. As I mentioned the example with the car: we buy it just to feel better and because it makes us look cool.
However, this is the most important thing.
The ONLY real solution to reducing pollution caused by meat is to EAT MORE MEAT.
Yeah, you read that right. Now I’ll explain why and I’d like to see who disagrees… The only real possible solution to pollution is synthetic meat. Or lab-bred meat. Although it’s almost impossible to find it today.
According to Wikipedia: Cultured meat or clean meat (or even synthetic, artificial, or in vitro meat) is an animal meat product that has never been part of a living animal.
Basically, you take a piece of meat. You add protein to it and it multiplies. To put it simply, it’s a bit like cloning the one you already have.
You get the same meat. Except to produce 50 tons of it you used a single pig. (Source Wikipedia). However, producing this kind of meat is expensive and complex. It takes a lot more money. Complex production chains and research and development.
Who is capable of doing that? That’s right, meat companies. Every time you buy a burger (the regular one), you generate money for a company that can reinvest in research and development to produce the least polluted meat, the “cultured” one.
You keep increasing the odds: buy regular meat today and you help companies have the money to create a new type of meat tomorrow.
So, if you buy corn with the singular thought of saving the earth (just to mention a random vegetable), you’re just giving money to a company that has to uproot trees to plant a seedling of corn. That’s what pollutes the most. Not to mention the destruction of groundwater.
This is my stance and believe me, I don’t work for some multinational meat company. I work in the coffee business. So, I don’t make any money off of that. However, I’m in the food business. And I know what I’m talking about.
Mostly because I’m Italian and an entrepreneur who is soon to be a millionaire. I created the first coffee in the world that was brewed using the Florentine method. Yet, that’s a story for another day.
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