This Is Why You Should Never Invest In Bitcoin. My Company And I, The First In The World To Do So In Its Industry Can But You Can't.


Now, I want to teach you one of the best investment principles of your life. 

Something that will even help you in your personal growth or even make you more attractive. 

I call it the “if it’s easy, don’t do it” rule. 

If it’s easy you shouldn’t do it.

If everyone or many people are doing it, you shouldn’t do it.
These two principles are linked together. Furthermore, I’m going to reveal how they can change your life.

The concept is simple. If something you can do is simple or everyone is doing it. Moreover, if it’s uncomplicated and attractive, then everyone will do it.

You should never do it. For the simple fact that if everyone is doing it then it won’t be worthwhile anylonger because you’ll have a lot of competitors. 

I’ll give you some examples: you know those YouTube ads where people tell you that you’ll make a lot of cash in a short time? Just do X and Y. Great. Since everyone will be doing it when you try it. There will be a lot of competition because everyone will try this method. At that point, it’s going to be super hard to succeed. 

Have you ever noticed? In pretty much every notoriously complex thing in life where you’re told it’s easy or it’s easy to do. It will turn out to be super hard in the end.

Case in point: if you’re a guy and you want to meet a girl.
Is it easier to just approach her in the middle of the street or message her “hey” on Instagram?
Doing it in person takes courage. Few people do it and that’s precisely why it is more effective. 

Tell me the truth, how many people have replied to you on Instagram after sliding into their DMs?
Not many, if not NONE!

Why? On Instagram it’s simple so everyone does it. Automatically you become one among many… and it no longer works.

Do you want to be successful on Medium?
Writing a post is simple. 

Writing a post every day for five years. It’s hard.
If you take a look at the top authors on Medium, can you guess what they do?

Want to look attractive for a girl?
Is it easier to study for years on how to become an Alpha male or to buy a YouTuber’s new (affiliate) fragrance thinking it will make any difference?

Even a good perfume won’t make a big difference. It will just make you seem normal. (I take for granted the fact that you shouldn’t stink when talking to girls.)

To have a successful marriage…is it easier to sit on the couch or make your partner feel appreciated every day for years?

So, guess what works best.
Is it easier to eat that cake or go to the gym for three years three times a week?
Which works best?

This is a natural law or law of the universe. In a nutshell, if it’s easy to do and the idea appeals to you (emotionally) then the results won’t be that great.

If you commit to perseverance as well as dedication, then you will emerge.

Success is doing the same thing over and over for ten years.
I recently looked up PewDiePie’s channel on YouTube which is one of the best in the world. 

This dude has been posting a video a day FOR ten YEARS with an average of 20 minutes per video. 

That’s more or less 1500 HOURS OF RECORDING. 

Very few people in the world would make that effort. In fact, he is in an elite group of people in the world with this record.

I could give you 1000 more examples.

Now let’s get to the complicated world of investment.

1. Most people invest in well-known securities.
2. It’s easy to invest. Just a platform and two clicks.
3. Popular sectors include technology/green/crypto.

And lo and behold … most people do invest in them. Now, it’s straightforward. If everyone did it, it wouldn’t be priced out. 

Let me ask you a question. If you were to buy bread but at certain times of the day (for example 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.) it costs more because everyone wants it.

At what time would you buy it? Definitely at all times except 1 and 6 o’clock.
Yet, millions of people are rushing to buy something that currently has a very high purchase price because everyone wants it.

It doesn’t make sense. That’s stupid behavior and it leads to poverty.
The very fact that I am talking about bitcoin or that EVERYONE is talking about bitcoin. It means it’s not a good idea. PERIOD.

It’s going to be too expensive.  Moreover, if you buy or have recently bought, you are simply buying expensive bread.
Okay Nick, but then, why have big companies invested in BTC and pour billions into it?
And why will you?

1. Investing billions is hard to do.
2. Advertising – company “z” invests these millions into BTC.
3. These companies aren’t he same as you behind a computer with a mouse. Instead, they have tools (hard to get) that you can’t imagine.

4. These companies don’t treat this as an investment to earn money but like buying a house to let sit for 20 years. Or as an economic base to accept crypto payments.
5. Accepting BTC in your company saves you from many problems with banks that want a document for every sneeze you make and that have high and unjustified fees for each transaction.

And I know they tell you that if ” big investor x did it” then “it’s a good idea so, I should do it too.”
It’s exactly the opposite! Because everybody will think exactly the same way you did. The purchase price will be sky-high and you may be more vulnerable to price movements. 

Guys, you don’t need to be a scientist to figure this stuff out.

Now let’s talk about my company. I have established a few companies in Italy…as a good Italian. However Cofylo is the first to sell coffee exclusively online using the Florentine method.

And you know what…we will be the first ONLINE company in the coffee industry to accept BTC.

Because we will invest about 200k in it (if I feel like it).

Precisely because you will save on fees and payments arrive instantly. As opposed to banks that will take 5 days at best.

With that said, if you want to find out what the good Nick Nite thinks about these issues and discover much more cool stuff about the world of food, join my instagram.

A look at Nick’s coffee. The first one made using the Florentine method – Italy.

You can purchase it here.

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Coffee Florentine's Style

Cofylo is the first coffee made with the Italian Florentine method. This makes any coffee taste better. It's made the old-fashioned way. Additionally, this makes it perfect for people who like to drink a lot more coffee than average.

How is Nico ?

Alias Nick Nite is the founder of Cofylo and is an Italian entrepreneur who is almost a millionaire. He was born in Santa Margherita Ligure in the region of Genoa. He has always been passionate about Tech.

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